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Structural Material Selection
Dato for arrangement: 11-03-2019

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Structural Material


This Course in Structural Material Selection helps the engineer choose the correct steel material for a steel structure. A describtion of some of the different steel types, stainless steel and aluminum will be given. Different company standards and national standards will also be discussed.
Participants are expected to allready have some experience with design af steel structures.

                    Generic Material Selection
                    Steel Manufacturing
                    Tests during manufacturing of steels
                    Parameters in steel selection
                    Material designations
                    Steel types
                    Alloying elements & unwanted impurities
                    Steels for bolts, pin bolts, etc.
                    Requirements to steels
                    Company Standards (selected ones)
                    Carbon steel selection
                    Stainless steel
                    Corrosion mechanisms
                    Criteria for selection / recommendations
                    Numbering system
                    Selection recommendations
                    Recommendations - specific areas / applications
                    Material substitutions
                    Surface treatment
                    Material certificates

DKK 3.450.,- ekskl. VAT for members of DSI
DKK 4.950,-  ekskl. VAT for non-members

Kristian Lund Jepsen, Rambøll A/S
Per Grumsen, Rambøll A/S
Both teachers have a deep knowledge to offshore and onshore steel structures and materials for these.

Make your registration not later than two weeks before by sending the registration form to dsi@steelinfo.dk.

Danish Steel Institue
Gydevang 39-41
3450 Allerød
T +45 6613 0888
E dsi@steelinfo.dk

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