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Steel and Composite Construction
Dato for arrangement: 25-11-2021







CMM has already organized 12 editions of the Steel and Composite Construction Conference. Taking into account all the uncertainties resulting from the pandemic and not compromising the organization of the conference on the scheduled date, CMM decided to hold this edition online.

The XIII Conference on Steel and Composite Construction has as main objective to disseminate the most recent innovations and achievements in the scope of this type of construction, seeking to contribute decisively to the promotion, consolidation and expansion of the sector.


The conference is intended to be a privileged oportunity for the exchange of ideas and experiences between the various stakeholders in the design and execution of steel and composite structures, as well as in the research and teaching activities in the area.


In this edition, the theme "Digitization" will be given special relevance.


Participation in the Conference allows the possibility of publishing a selection of the best papres in the CE / Papers magazine of the Scientific Library of the Wiley Online Library.