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Eurocodes revision
Dato: 30-06-2014
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Dear Members, As you know the European harmonized standards for the design of buildings and bridges (Structural Eurocodes) are currently undergoing a review for improvement to develop a second generation of the Eurocodes. For the European steel construction industry EN 1990, EN 1991, EN 1993, EN 1994, EN 1998 and EN 1090 are of special importance, therefore the corresponding review of these parts should be significant. Those who want to contribute are asked to provide answers to the following questions: 1. Which clauses require editorial or technical correction? 2. Which clauses would benefit from improvements in clarity? 3. In which area should the scope of the EN be extended? 4. Which clauses/chapters of the EN could be shortened or deleted? 5. Which clauses lead to uneconomic construction comparing to national standards or best practice experiences? 6. Which clauses necessitate excessive design efforts compared to the previous design experience? Don’t hesitate to give simple and short answers, your articipation is very important. Do not miss to influence creation of better Structural Standards. You are welcome with your opinion. If you are willing to participate at his questionnaire please send the answers to eccs@steelconstruct.com preferably not later than September 1, 2014.