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Dato: 25-09-2014
2015/17 - ANNOUNCING European Master SUSCOS for 2015-2017 About the European Erasmus Mundus Master Course - 520121-1-2011-1-CZ-ERA MUNDUS-EMMC Sustainable Constructions under natural hazards and catastrophic events The fourth edition (2015 - 2017) of the courses will start at The University of Coimbra, Portugal, September 2015 to January 2016 (Semester 1), and will continue at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic until June 2016 (Semester 2). The 3rd semester thesis is developed at any of the six partners (Coimbra, Prague, Liege, Luleå, Timisoara or Naples), September 2016 to February 2017. The focus of master course SUSCOS_M is to provide attendees the engineering ability and know-how to design and construct structures in a balanced approach between economic, environmental and social aspects, enhancing the sustainability and competitiveness of the steel industry. The course is organized in three modules covering buildings; bridges and energy-related infra-structures from concrete, steel, timber, and composite structures and equipment’s with a practice oriented approach. A strong emphasis is given to the reduction of carbon footprint, the energy efficiency of buildings considering a life-cycle approach and the integration in the structural systems of renewable energies and innovative technologies. The degree awarded is a Master Degree, provided as a multiple diploma. The MSc has duration of three semesters and is held on a rotating basis among partners. Coursework is concentrated in two countries and dissertation work is divided between all partners. Students may spend one term in one country and the coursework part of the second term in a second country. The dissertation can be carried out at any of the six partner countries. The courses are lectured in English by academics from all partner institutions and invited teachers from associated members. European Students with a 3-year BSc in Civil Engineering are required to have additional 30 ECTS in Structural Engineering (180 ECTS + 30 ECTS) as a pre-requisite to be accepted in the course. Interested applicants that do not meet these conditions may enroll in a 30 ECTS Specialization in Structural Engineering (Spring/Summer Term 2014/2015 at the University of Coimbra to obtain the 30 ECTS). For further information please contact Prof. Luis Simoes da Silva (luisss@dec.uc.pt) or www.isise.net/smct. Activity of international consortium SUSCOS is summarised at URL: www.isise.net/smct/suscos. Pre-applications will open in September at steel.fsv.cvut.cz/suscos. Grants are available for European and non-European candidates.