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Technical note 1
Dato: 27-08-2015
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ECCS recommends to be very careful to the chemistry of imported steels, and to check the limits for alloy steels that can be found in EN 10020 (Definition and classification of grades of steel).

During TC9 meeting, ECCS has been alerted that some imported non-alloy steel plates and sections, containing a too high amount of Boron and Chromium, are entering the European steel supply chain. These imported steels are defined as non-alloy steels. But, to be qualified as a ‘non-alloy structural steel’ in accordance with EN 10025-2, limits of EN 10025-2:2004 Table 2 prevail and the qualities of elements not defined in this standard must comply with the strict limits given in EN 10020, Table 1. So these steels should be classified as ‘Alloy steel’ rather than ‘non-alloy steel’. The limits for Boron and Chromium defined in EN 10020 are given in the table below.