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Dato: 19-10-2015

Fire Design of Steel Structures - 2nd Edition

This book explains and illustrates the rules that are given in the Eurocodes for designing steel structures subjected to fire. After the first introductory chapter, Chapter 2 explains how to calculate the mechanical actions (loads) in the fire situation based on the information given in EN 1990 and EN 1991...

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European Recommendations for the Determination of Loads and Actions on Sandwich Panels

This document intends to provide guidance on the application of loads and actions on sandwich panels. With the publication of the different parts of EN 1991, loads and actions on structures are consistently defined, irrespective of the materials and building products used. Nevertheless there is the need for some specific application rules and explanations to take into account the structural behaviour of sandwich panels, of both self-supporting sandwich panels according to EN 14509 and structural sandwich panels: Sandwich panels require additional information or even additional loads and actions to be taken into account. Furthermore, due to their load-bearing behaviour, simplifications in determining loads and actions are possible so long as they are in accordance with the design principles.

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