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prEN 17662

mar 10, 2022 | Nyheder

prEN17662 is compliant with EN 15804 as the prEN 17662 includes a methodology that allocates the burdens of both the slag and steel  “in a way which reflects the underlaying physical relationships between them” . According to EN 15804 this way to distribute burdens between co-products must be used before any economic or physical allocation. therefore the prEN 17662 is complying with the EN 15804 and the Mirror Committees must vote yes.

Find attached the ECCS position on the prEN 17662 compliance, that will be useful in order to defend the positive vote and complements the previous info provided by SBI. Should you need any clarification or support , please do not hesitate letting us know. I am available even to explain and defend this position in front of the stakeholders.


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